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Health Supplements - Complete Guide

What are called as Health (Dietary) Supplements of the body ?

The DNA of the blood traces the supplements in the process of breakdown of the supplement cells which are in a form of Medicine, Vitamins, Mineral, Amino Acids, Green Herbal supplements, etc.

The conditions of the human diseases to shiver, to have contraction in the muscles and bones; to have unexpected aches or the resemblance of any such disease are the specific forms of falling sickness and becoming susceptible to fight with the already present normal fighting cells of the body but a health supplement is the process to boost up the enzymes so much so that sudden remedial solutions be achieved thereupon in due course time with less or no contingency.

They are termed as anti-bodies of the blood that are taken sufficiently in extra amount with the feeling of any possible side-effects caused by the usage of any health supplement whatsoever.

A health supplement by a physician or medical practitioner is a recommendation of affordable combination of proteins and vitamins of the body as vital ingredients to satiate the desire of maintaining absolute strength and power of the muscles and bones to survive for a longer period and having a dependency that could count wonders for one’s subtle health.

The immunization processes by health supplements gives enormous energy to the delicate organs of the body and help protect the soft tissues as an internal and external shield to ward off evil diseases thereupon.

health supplements are usually taken as over-the-counter-supplements and are found to be effective to millions of users worldwide. Changing certain dietary habits and becoming aware of the immunization process is the improvement of the patient to depend on health supplements available in the market but there are poor immune system catastrophes too for ex: Improper diet chart plan maintenance; excessive toxicities and chemicals; lackluster behavior in sleeping properly; having negative emotions and wrong attitudes; stress and over exercising, etc.

Such handful of conditions can be controlled efficiently by the intake of health supplements prescribed thereupon by a dietitian. It’s a dietitian expertise and responsibility to prescribe right amount of supplement dose to a patient if the approach is direct with no improvement whatsoever in the health of a patient by consuming normal course of the diet.

The dietitian should proficiently deal the patient according to the demand and nature of the problem he/she has been suffering from and to utilize maximum amount of energy to prescribe slow and result oriented diet chart plan rather then depending over sudden or quick remedial procedures. To have the knowledge of health supplements, one should be cautious enough to know the repercussions of the problem if something terrible goes on either in a form of less or more intake of the supplements in a normal eating habit or diet.

Usually Health supplements help in stamping out contractions of infections inside the immune system of a human body because infections as viral or of any nature are easily produced in a form of symptoms in the bloodstream and affects the normal functioning of the body therefore these supplements ensure infectious-free healthy diet.

Types/Kinds of Health Supplements

* Medicinal herbs & Shrubs Health Supplements
* Mineral Health Supplements
* Other Health Supplements
* Vitamin Health Supplements
* Amino-Acidic Health Supplements
* Green Food (vegetables/Fruits) Health Supplements

1.Medicinal Herbs and Shrubs Health Supplements - Medicinal Herbs and shrubs as a health supplement is a nature’s healing touch to man-kind. For the optimization of our health the role of traditional or Conventional medicine plays a pivotal role in our lives.

Since ages we have shown are dependencies over the use of homeopathy and ayurvedic medicines to trace out the hidden symptom of the disease of our body and to eliminate it from the root. The herbal medicinal supplement has the power to trace the root cause of the disease and burns it right there itself.

The undoubted approach of having complex technological tool to treat a specific disease of the body is troublesome to a patient with synthetic chemical compounds used thereupon that doesn’t provide any such remedy for the cure. Herbal medicines are better then conventional medicines but to avoid any pitfalls of herbal treatment the medicine should work in a harmonious way to protect the body internally.

The herbal products should be taken wisely with consultation of a dietician. The active ingredients mentioned on a herbal medicinal packet might not contain the number of ingredients promised by a manufacturing company therefore, do not get fooled.

The different names of herbal health Medicinal Supplements are as follows:

* Aloe Vera (Herbal Supplement): This is a potent herb that helps in the treatment of burning sensations; various skin disorders and healing wounds from the surface of the skin and fights acute non-viral and viral infections of the body. The products made up of Aloe Vera are: Aloe Vera gel and Aloe Vera Juice.

The gel of Aloe Vera is obtained from the centre engineering of the inner leafy substance that has the power to heal the attributed of a person whereas the juice of Aloe is like a drug with a bitter substance available beneath the skin of the a leaf which in normal context used as a laxative compound for some preparations of the products.

The acute pain and inflammation is overcome by it and treats other diseases too such as: Ulcers; eczema and psoriasis etc. The Aloe Vera plant consists of anti-fungal; anti-viral and bacterial agents that when applied to the human skin in a form of paste destroys the infections immediately. Irritable bowel system, constipation, hemorrhoids and all other colon disorders are treated by Aloe Vera Supplement.

* Ginseng Plant (Herbal Health Supplement): Ginseng is a plant found in china and other Asian countries. This plant is unique that rejuvenates mind and body. The herb Ginseng consists of an ingredient called as ‘ginsenosides’ in its roots. In medical terminology it is referred to as “Adaptogen” for regulating a triggered sense or effect to the entire health of a human body.

The supplement demands couple of month’s time to show its capabilities of results. The supplement helps fight lethargy ness; enhancement up of the athletic performances of the human skeleton and boosting energy enzyme levels in the muscles and bones of the body. The adrenalin functioning of the body is maintained by it. The chronic anxiety and fatigue are exposed to stressful conditions by a body and this supplement boosts up the stamina and excessive endurance of the body.

The Ginseng is an anti-oxidant too to enhance the immune system of the body. The multitude use of ginseng consists of: altitude sickness of the human body; treating asthma attacks and acute bronchitis with blood circulatory process of the body. Cortisol level which is the cause of increased cholesterol in the blood is controlled by Ginseng plant extract.

* Bilberry plant (Herbal plant): It’s a perennial shrubby plant that bears edible fruits and is similar to blueberries. Herbalists treat the diseases such as Diarrhea; urinary tract infections; visual disorders and Kidney stones by Bilberry plant supplementation. The usage of supplement is mainly for the eye cure such as: Cataract or blurred vision (day and night). The fighter pilots have showed the improved symptoms of vision correction after eating sufficient amount of bilberries. There’re mainly two types of compounds:

* Antho-cyano-sides and Tannins compound helps improve blood flow to the tiny and delicate vessels of the eye. This helps in varicose veins and hemorrhoids and another treats mouth inflammations; diarrhea and sore throat.
The extract can be obtained in a form of any liquid dieting supplement; capsules and tablets or dried herbs and shrubs. The consumption of herbal tea is enormously fashionable all around the globe.

* Turmeric Extract - Turmeric is a plant based upon on ginger types of natural grown plants. The active compound in turmeric is called as Cur cumin. The yellowish powder of turmeric is used in various Indian Curry making dishes. It’s anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory by nature.

The powerful compounds of Turmeric stop the reproduction of harmful cells in the blood stream especially, the one myeloma. The compound has the tendency to induce the flow of bile duct thus helps in breaking down unnecessary fats from the body.

The importance of the compound is to reduce the impact of certain alternative medicines. The difficulty of experiencing arthritis in the joints is reduced and a check is maintained upon on the inflammation of the joints. There’s also a less formation of plaque build-up in the arteries of the human body.

The beneficial aspects of turmeric towards heart are to recover the myocardial infarction disease of the delicate functioning of the heart. If turmeric volatile oil is applied directly to the infectious section of the skin it definitely provides an anti-bacterial protection towards the skin.

* Ginger as an herbal Supplement: The Ginger is the commonest of the herb root found in each household in India. It’s mainly used for culinary and medicinal supplement purposes because the ingredient of ginger can be easily prescribed in a form of juice or in hard form by a doctor. Ginger’s one of the best spice of the world with its pungent taste and smell.

Many health benefits of ginger are the treatments hat relates to nausea; circulation of the blood in the stream; preventing arthritis problem, etc. When Ginger is mixed with the tea as a liquid supplement spice it controls the unexpected cramps of the abdomen and help regulates other sophisticated organs of the body. The cardiovascular system is regulated easily by ginger intake in sufficient quantities.

The Ginger is used in herbal decongestants as well as for the purpose of massage. The extract out of ginger can be mixed with certain lotions, creams or body oil and can be wholeheartedly applied to the entire body without any side effects. The various allergies of the body and respiratory system with absolute control on unexpected colds of the body are some of the best qualities experienced inside the Ginger by the practitioners so far.

It’s mainly taken as a mixed substance with lime juice to soothe up the digestive system of the body. The pungent compounds of Ginger are: Gingerols and shagoals. These are the active compounds or ingredients of Ginger.

2.Mineral Health Supplements: In order to maintain a natural and nutritional well-being to promote good health in return it is essential to include and emphasize the use of minerals and its ingredients as a health supplement in one’s diet chart.

The vitamins and other useful nutrients when mixed with the minerals form a combined structure of strong enzyme hormone that could fight with various diseases inside the body for longer and longer period of time.

A vitamin enhanced mineral supplement do wonders which could also include traceable minerals for ex: Bio-flavonoids; amino–acids or fluids; antioxidants and herbal extract etc as they all unite to combat the malnutrition of the body. There’s a process of absorption in the case of mineral intake which is called upon as ‘Chelated’.

This process is formed in the digestive system of the body which means the minerals should always be available for the absorption by the stomach. The so called chelated minerals absorption process takes ten times much faster rate than in comparison to normal digestion of the food by the stomach.

A scientific analysis of mineral supplements and its formulation is conducted under extreme hazardous conditions so that the nature’s synergy could be included in a single dose of mineral supplement.

The supervision of the formulation of the medicine production is done under the skilled scientists only. The efficacy and safety of the mineral supplement should be under the preview of top-notch credentials. An ill-experienced is a complete no for the making of the medicine.

There are certain names of Mineral Supplements. They are as follows:

* Calcium as a Mineral Supplement: Calcium helps in making the strong bones and muscles with strong teeth and makes the immune system of the body very powerful. The bone and teeth consists of 99% of total calcium of the body.

The calcium ensures the bodily functions such as: Muscles contraction; clotting of the blood; regulating heart beats and operating the nervous system. The impact of calcium over the body as a health supplement can be of perennial nature as excess of calcium intake could increase the risk of kidney stone formation inside the urinary bladder or in the lungs or kidney regions.

The names of famous calcium supplements are milk and other dairy products enriched in high doses of calcium directly to the body. The calcium of such products is provided so as to control the introduction of other unnecessary additives to enter the human body and making it susceptible to contracting the diseases of any such nature.

The other sources of calcium-rich diets are: Salmon and pack full of sardines (fish); Soybeans; walnuts; broccoli; Kale; peanuts and Tofu, etc. At the time of consuming calcium supplement ensure yourself that the calcium is easily absorbed by the body or else there’s a dangerous rejection from the body therein.

The absorption is based upon on the level of acids of the stomach and the solubility of calcium compound in excess inside the stomach. The stomach acids decrease as the person ages and calcium indeed! Reduces in number. Calcium carbonate in cheap supplements is a cause of worry.

Restrict yourself for any such intake of supplement and even the elemental process of calcium citrate, it’s easily dissolved but causes gases and constipation of the stomach. If there’s a lack of Vitamin D in the body the calcium won’t be absorbed and hence be discarded. Vitamin A and C are the good conductors of calcium in the body with other minerals and phosphorous like: Zinc; manganese, etc.

* Zinc as a mineral Supplement: Zinc is an important natural mineral extracted to mix with various medicines in order to ensure a wide range of metabolism inside a human body.

Hair growth; fertility process; insulin production; tastes; various smells of the environment and immunity enhancement, etc are the key areas to understand the intake of zinc to build a healthy lifestyle for many years. For pregnant women, Zinc is an important element to ensure the safety in the appropriate growth and development of fetus inside the mother’s womb.

The natural source of Zinc is a source found in oysters, meat, liver, wheat germ, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, whole grains, almonds, and milk etc. The vegetarian diets lack in excess of zinc sources due to organic acids found inside the vegetables. Cold and flu are the necessary targets of zinc supplements inside the body.

The zinc helps in the recovery process of sore throats and injuries of the skin and also to strengthen immune of the body. A zinc lozenge is introduced by scientists that claim of the rapid dissolution of zinc in the mouth rather than adopting the age old processing of consuming tablets etc.

It must be taken after 8 hours of taking iron capsules inside the body. The misuse of zinc supplement has the tendency to bring upon side-effects of HDL or poor cholesterol of the blood.

* Magnesium as a mineral supplement: The body’s 300 critical metabolic functions are triggered by sufficient amount of magnesium intake only. The factors responsible for the mineral in the body are the caffeine; alcohol; sugar; stress, etc.

Magnesium is also termed as intracellular mineral of the body that helps in cell’s energy production factory. The supplement is taken thereupon to provide energy levels to red blood corpuscles (cells) and to reduce chronic fatigue or tiredness of the muscles and certain children suffering with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) due to magnesium deficiency therefore; the magnesium supplement fills up the level of proteins and minerals required by a specific body. Hyper-activity symptoms have reduced to nil.

The tranquilizer impact of magnesium for dilating blood vessels; clotting; improving heart beat rates and attacks, etc are the best sure shots for the treatment of any malignant type of disease.

It shall relief a patient from variety of conditions such as: premenstrual tension and fatigue; asthma; excessive amount of blood pressure; the acute pain of migraine, osteoporosis, diabetes, etc. The names of the magnesium rich foods are as follows: soybeans, unrefined cereals, wholegrain (wheat) bread, dark green leafy vegetables, almonds, seeds and seeds, etc.

* What is Indium Supplement: Indium is a silver metal which is extremely soft in nature but it doesn’t dissolves in water at all. After attending adolescence age i.e. 25-30 the body discards the presence of Indium completely and the biggest drawback of it is that it isn’t present in food either. Indium is a sulphate and can be consumed by the body easily.

It’s especially used as a supplement for aging process of a human body. A faster healing time is enabled by improving or boosting up the sophisticated immune system of the body and a faster working brain is also ensured in return. As a supplement it’s also helpful to heal unnecessary scratches of the skin; burns and wounds or bruises on the surface of the body.

A patient suffering from a Parkinson disease improves his way of talking and walking styles within two weeks time and tartar formation in the teeth is greatly reduced. The supplement affects the gland and comes packaged in a small bottle with a dropper lid. It cannot be taken directly in to the blood as for certain cases there must be a presence of salt or iodine in the food diet and even a patient with type 2 diabetes is vulnerable to Indium supplement.

* Potassium as a Mineral Supplement: This is a sophisticated supplement which is an electrolyte for positive and negative charged particles to help regulate the blood pressure and to ensure appropriate muscle contraction for proper body functioning.

The electrolytes of body are: sodium; potassium and a presence of chloride but with a careful balancing consumption act. The potassium supplement helps in storing the energy of the body without producing any fat deposit to the stomach or other organs of the body.

With the help of potassium supplement the patients have notices a substantial fall in the heart attacks and unnecessary strokes of the heart which by the way have fallen to 40% and at the same time reducing 25% of high-blood pressure rates with slow heart beats.

Diarrhea and vomiting is caused as disease symptoms in the patient if there’s a deficiency of sufficiency of potassium inside the bloodstream accompanied by dehydration process. The pediatricians recommend sports drinks or electrolyte neutral balancing beverages to the patient for profound illnesses for a very longer period. The strenuous activity is reduced by such supplement.

Apricots, Raisins, Sultanas, Figs, Mixed dried fruit, Orange juice, Lima beans, Cantaloupe, Nuts, Wheat germ, Soy Flour, Bran, Baked Potato with the skin on, Potato chips, Tomato puree, Banana, Sardines, Whole wheat pasta and bread etc. are the lists of food rich in high potassium.

3.Other Health Supplements:
* Bee Pollen Supplement: Bee pollen is that single nutrient that is extracted from a bee-hive and combines of enzymes; polyunsaturated fatty acids; amino acids; B-complex; folic acid; vitamin-C and carotene.

They are all the antioxidant of the body. The pollen is created in the natural hive by worker bees itself. The supplement is so powerful that scientists say, at least 35 grams of bee pollen supplement consists of all natural nutrient sufficiency a human body requires or demands every now and then.

Due to acute shortage of food in certain regions a famine stricken country could increase the demand of bee pollen supplements. The proteins are effective in strengthening up the immune system of a human-being. It precisely helps in building resistance to allergies as well for ex: allergic hay fever.

Athletes from all around the globe is recommended the dose of bee pollen supplement as there’s a depletion in the nutrient levels of athletes to do athletic activities for longer period. The sensitivity to bee pollen venom for weaker patients is the greatest drawback to show dependency on bee pollen supplements at first quarter. The only drawback emitted out of bee pollen supplement intake is that it largely consists of indigestible ‘Husks’ which take longer period to get digested.

* Fish Oil or Cod liver oils: The cod-liver oil found in fish is the key ingredient that forms an omega 3 fatty acid essential for the body and extremely helpful to have sharp mind like a tonic to the brain. The supplement enhancement inside the body is the benefiting aspect for neurological and psychological conditions of the body.

It helps builds a neural pathway that transmit signals or messages through brain to reach to other organs of the body. The supplement made up from fish oil also corrects blurred vision and prevents diabetes. Schizophrenia and other malignant diseases of the body are reduced to nil with the help of sufficient intake of fish oil in the diet.

Despite having poisonous mercury and chemicals, the medicinal value of cod-liver capsules have become famous in all over the world. Toxic levels of contaminants have scared patients from taking fish oil as a supplement. Pharmaceutical grade fish oil is rather recommended by the pediatricians to avoid toxicity directly on the first quarter because usually, heavy metals are found in fishes. It’s recommended to utilize only graded fish oil so that oil when consumed should breakdown in component esters and extract away the compounds from the oil.

* Brome lain Health Supplement: It’s an enzyme that is derived from pineapple plant and can be easily breakdown in the form of proteins in the body and reduces ailments. The ailment of body like swelling and inflammation stems like a disorder of the body and can be prevented by it.

The treatment of rheumatism is possible by such supplement. The blood clots are thinned with certain specific properties found inside this supplement and plaques in the arteries. An ache; colds and flu; numbness and tingling in the fingers; asthma; sluggish immune system etc can be overcome very easily.
•Lycopene Supplement: Lycopene is meant for men especially that suffer from certain number of diseases in an old age. Lycopene is found in certain vegetables and fruits like: Tomatoes for its red coloring.

A Lycopene supplement benefits a body by providing anti-oxidants in sufficient quantity. Diseases such as: Osteoporosis; Fertility in men etc can be decently explained and studied under the usage of Lycopene supplement.
Tomatoes, Grapefruits (pink), Watermelon, Guava (pink), Rosehips (fruit from the rosebush), Papaya, etc. are the names of such food diet which consists of excess of Lycopene and befits the existence of certain food diets. A standard dosage should always be maintained by the patient who tries to show the dependency over it. A multivitamin lycopene product can be taken as a supplement.

* Rutin Health Supplement: Rutin is a water soluble compound and is classified as bioflavonoid. The sources of rutin include the fruits and fruit rinds such as: Lime; grapefruit; orange and lime, etc. It’s present in black teas and apple peelings.

Skin bruising; regularity in circulation of blood and effectively treating varicose veins etc are the functions of Rutin health supplement. Vitamin C and collagen of the skins are also protected by it. The strengthening up of capillaries of the body is possible by such use of supplement. The supplement fights against arteriosclerosis and senility of the human immune system. It consists of anti-carcinogenic properties to protect the body from contraction of certain infections through environmental factors. The high doses of rutin supplement are available in the market in the range of 500 mg and above. Beware of allergenic reactions caused by rutin supplement such as: frequent chest pains, rashes or scars on the surface of the skin, swelling, respiratory disorders, muscle stiffness, etc.

4. Vitamin Health Supplements: It’s prudent for every adult to have vitamin supplement intake in their diets from food to various over-the-counter-vitamin-drugs available in the market.

The metabolic functioning of the body is only governed by appropriate consumption of vitamins into the body. The deficiencies in vitamins cause serious implications to human health. The body needs to ingest the vitamins from outside sources to fill up the level of vitamin if not available inside the body in sufficient level.

In order to complete the vitamin level, we all today have to eat 8 to 10 amount of oranges at a time to compare the nutritional value of the vitamin found in just a single orange our ancestors would eat many-many years ago.

Natural vs. Synthetic Vitamins

A natural vitamin says for substantially very long period with the abundance of vitamin E whereas synthetic man-made vitamins consists of vitamin E too but with degrading quality and impact over the overall functioning of the immune system. Our bodies seem more receptive to vitamins in their natural state, which increases their efficacy in improving our health.

Synthetic vitamins can be produced cheaply than there natural vitamin counterpart and thus are been fooled to make appropriate judgment. The multivitamin staging process ought to match with the natural ingredients include order of certain equilibrium process of the body.

Nutritionists all around the world are moving pillar to post to access the natural ingredients found mixed inside the vitamin supplements and are therefore, ensuring a natural harmony between vitamin and human body. Vitamin health Supplements should always be provided with a certificate of Analyses to ensure and safeguard the contents of the right and natural vitamin product.

The names of vitamin supplements are as follows

* Vitamin A Supplement: Vitamin A protein is a nutrient that helps in reducing fat from the body and consists of two forms: one is retinol i.e. found in animal food sources and another one is pro-vitamin form supplement which is known as ‘Carotene’.

This protein is present in plant food sources and can be easily converted to retinol protein. Vitamin A supplement is essential for eye-sight and counteracts night blindness or color-blindness symptoms as eye disorders.

The micro-nutrient is utilized for various other functions of the body. The supplement protein is named as ‘Anti-Infective Vitamin’ as it helps in fighting infections of the body because it enhances the body’s natural defense system by increasing white blood cells (T-cells) and antibody production.

Vitamin A is found easily in food chain of the diets such as: eggs; fish cod-liver oil; milk and livers of the animal as a source of energy enhancer. These are termed as natural enhancer sources teaming with vitamin cells. The dark green vegetable consists of pro-vitamin type protein cells like: broccoli; squash; pepper; carrots and other forms of yellow fruits.

The vitamin supplement should always be taken under strict medical supervision of any doctor or physician. Vitamin A supplement works effectively with other supplements such as: B-complex; C; D AND E; calcium and phosphorous etc.

* Vitamin B12 as health Supplement: it’s a water-soluble vitamin and as a nutrient can easily store in the liver or kidney or other body tissue of a living organism. Vitamin B12 consists of mineral cobalt.

Improper absorption of such vitamin is the dietary lack of elders in their old ages with such repeated deficiencies inside the body. The supplement helps in controlling anemia symptoms in the blood of patient and works with folic acids. A heart disease patient can reduce homo-cistern levels.

The supplement’s substance combines with other vitamins like vitamin B6 and folic acids to help return the homo-cistern levels to normal condition. An irreversible neurological damage could occur if left ill-treated.

A restful sleep is also ensured by it. Liver; pork; beef; kidney; fish; cheese; milk; eggs, etc are the foods that consists of vitamin B12. The severity/ acute shortage of vitamin in the body only counts for at least 2 -3 mcg of vitamin per day. The toxicity level is never counted by scientists over such vitamin supplement intake.

Like any other vitamin this supplement works synergistically with the same attitude with other following vitamins available in the market. Calcium is required sufficiently for having the consumption of vitamin B12.

* Vitamin C as health Supplement: This vitamin is termed as ‘Ascorbic acid’ which implies the meaning “without scurvy”. A disease that occurs due to certain deficiency of the body. The daily diet of human-beings ensures the level of vitamin C presence in the blood and as like animals even humans couldn’t produce vitamin C of there own.

They too have to depend themselves on other mediums for sufficient intake of the vitamin. The ascorbic acid of the vitamin is stored inside the soft and delicate body tissues and is stored in restricted amounts only because excess amount of such acidic fluid can be ejected out through ‘Urine’. The toxicity doesn’t stays inside the body whatsoever.

Vitamin C produces collagen which binds body cells together to form certain tissues of the body. The collagen is found in every part of our body organs including: tendons; cartilage; bones; skin; blood vessels and teeth. The sudden breakdown of collagen from the body causes blood vessels to weaken and leak, bones and connective tissues to weaken and causes the skin to sag.

Vitamin A is anti-oxidant and protects the free radicalization process that damages up the cells formation in the blood and weakens the delicate immune system for creating unwanted aging and diseases in abundance. The oxygenation damage to DNA of the human body is minimized and no harms are done to other molecules of the body.

Iron is efficiently absorbed by the presence of vitamin C with it as brother-sister- relation. Accumulation of toxic mineral lead is also prevented by the help of vitamin C supplement.Vitamin C is a plentiful substance found in many food diets such as: grapefruits; lemons; citrus fruits; oranges; limes; tangerines, etc. which relates to fruit items whereas Green leafy vegetables are: peas; green pepper; includes cauliflower and tomatoes and potatoes too. The ascorbic acid value from such number of food diets get evaporated due to a presence of heat and light with moisture consisted in water and air to soak away the important ingredients from it. The deficiency of vitamin C occurs in the body due to excessive depletion of soil contents by adopting modern farming methods including excessive processing and refining of foods and storage.

* Vitamin E as health Supplement: The natural and synthetic source of vitamin E has become the buzz word for many to be used upon for today’s salves, skin ointments purposes and different sorts of creams and moisturizers.

The natural sources of nutrients found in the foods as a vitamin is vital although excessive freezing and deep down frying of the foods causes breakdown which destroys the nutrient factors of vitamin E completely. Beware of it. Wheat germ; canola oil; corn; almonds; cottonseed oil; spinach; sunflower seeds; Brazil nuts; walnuts; asparagus and avocados etc. consists of the vital nutrients of vitamin E.

Premature infants (babies) with lower weight are protected towards the deficiency of such vitamin with the help of supplement provided at a right time. It consists of anti-blood clotting agent as well. Certain scientists have predicted a substantial reduction in the symptoms of fibrocystic diseases of the human body.

The stamina increases with certain amount of strength in the muscles and bones and an enhanced sexual desire arises out of it. The procedure to intake a vitamin E supplement is to have it immediately after eating in order to safeguard decreased stomach irritation.

A consultation with a re-known doctor becomes necessary if a patient already suffering from other sorts of acute diseases such as: intestinal problems; overactive thyroid; cystic fibrosis, etc. According to scientists Anticoagulants such as coumadin reacts negatively with vitamin E and provides sudden hidden and spontaneous internal bleeding.

* Vitamin K as vitamin Health Supplement: Blood clotting factors are controlled with intake of vitamin K supplement in the human bloodstream. The production of such vitamin inside the body occurs in the intestinal region and is further classified as fat-soluble vitamin of the body. Rich foods such as: Alfalfa; Brussels sprout; cabbage; lettuce; spinach; turnip greens; asparagus; cheddar cheese and broccoli, etc. are having the vitamin ingredients in abundance.

The hemorrhagic disease in newborn infants is reduced due to the consumption of vitamin K and bleeding disorders deficiency is also prevented that regulated the normal blood clotting and ensuring healthy muscle and bones in return.

Those who are taking mineral oil for constipation inside the stomach or have had certain surgical procedures on their gastrointestinal region could undergo the treatment of sending anti-biotic on the blood by the help of vitamin K supplement intake.

The skin of an adult could show multiple signs of black and blue marks with bleeding in the capillaries and blood in the urine with internal nose bleeding as well therefore, the deficiency or shortage should always be filled by proper amount of vitamin K inside the bloodstream.

The technique to consume vitamin K supplement in a form of tablet is to directly eat the entire table rather then chewing it or crushing it with the help of teeth with the help of glass full of liquid fluid. The supplement is taken thereof to predict the symptoms of appearance of ‘Jaundice’ due to presence of bile Rubin in the bloodstream. Try to avoid the intake of antacids in larger quantity.

5.Amino-Acidic Health Supplements: Amino-acids are called as building blocks of the body in a form of proteins of the blood. They are wholeheartedly responsible in the production of the enzymes to trigger up the hormones of the blood; helps in building the fighting cells and repair the soft and delicate tissues of the body.

The first function of it is the breakdown of protein into amino-acid. The acid is combined and transform into thousands and thousands of different thin protein cells to be used up by the body. Usually, there’re 20 such acids that body produces to form proteins of the body. The circulation of proteins in the bloodstream regulates the essential amino and non-amino acids of the body.

In order to have proper protein synthesis of the body all amino acids are responsible and should be necessitated from every food diet available by the nature or environment. At least 8 amino acids should be extracted out of the consumption of the foods.

There are mainly two kinds of proteins for amino-acid transformational process: complete and Incomplete. Animal food source consist of complete protein diet of the bones such as: meat; eggs; fish; dairy products, chickens, etc. they are certain reliable source for vitamin B12 protein as well but consists of saturated fat and cholesterol which is extremely harmful for human body whereas incomplete protein diet is acquired by plants, fruits and vegetables. Legumes; nuts; seeds and grains etc all varies in their protein contents and proteins are supplemented thereupon.

The vitamins needed for amino-acids to metabolize are Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 as they both absorb the amino-acids of the body. Try to consume the supplements with a empty stomach.

Forms of Amino-acids of the health:
* Lysine as amino-acid health Supplement: RNA for all sorts of amino-acids are responsible for systematically arranging and sequencing different sets of amino-acids inside the body. Lysine helps in building “Collagens” of the body and for calcium absorption.

The skeletal and skin system is noted upon in Lysine styled amino-acid. Anti-bodies are also produced by Lysine. L-carnitine is essential for the conversion of food into body’s energy and lowers LDL levels in the bloodstream. Herpes virus is directly controlled by the help of amino-acid health supplement.

The supplement of amino-acid is better then the consumption of placebo by a patient. The viruses do not spread or reproduces. Excessive cooking temperature for food should be avoided as it destroys the lysine acid in the food. Bloodshot eyes; excessive hair loss; loss of appetite and a trouble in concentration are the symptoms caused upon by the deficiency of Lysine in the bloodstream with anemia and delayed growth of the hormones as well.

Most stores and pharmaceutical companies achieve benefits out of the patients by providing them with a quantity in 500mg to 1000mg doses. The L-form amino acid rather then D-form amino-acids should be taken by a patient because L-form amino-acids form a natural human body composition.

* Tyrosine acid Supplement: This amino supplement is the precursor of dopamine; epinephrine and nor epinephrine substances. The supplement is closely knitted under with hormones and neurotransmitters of the body for maintaining normal mental functioning.

Melanin of the skin is also created by Tyrosine to protect the dark pigmentations due to scorching heat of the sun. A malignant disease such as: Parkinson is controlled by Tyrosine and alleviates emotional and environmental stress or tensions and to combat depression symptoms too. Other disease such as: dementia;

Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia is controlled upon by the supplement of Tyrosine. The foods rich in tyrosine substance are: Non-vegetarian sources, whole grain items, Dairy products such as yogurts; cheese, avocado fruit and banana with pumpkin seeds, almonds, lima beans and sesame seeds.

* Tryptophan: Tryptophan isn’t produced in a form of essential amino-acid by the body. The neurotransmitters of the body such as melatonin and serotonin are the vital elements for amino-acid tryptophan. These chemical messengers carry nerve impulses from one cell to another.

The brain cannot function in the absence of either of the messengers therefore tryptophan supplements are taken to regulate the neurotransmitters inside the body. The deficiency of insomnia occurs in the patient suffering from the lack of such protein in the bloodstream.

Vitamin B3 which is known as ‘Niacin’ is created by the help of tryptophan supplement. Again for tryptophan protein in the blood just like in the case of Tyrosine vitamin B6 and C with vitamin B9 (foliate) and mineral magnesium is used upon by the doctors. Anti-depressants limit the serotonin level in the brain. Tryptophan can be taken as a prescription drug with no side-effects if the patient is suffering from Insomnia.

It could help children with autism as a disease of the body. Weight control program can also be triggered or initiated. It helps in acute pain tolerance too. 5- HTP drug is known upon as tryptophan supplement drug.

6. Green Food (vegetables/Fruits) Health Supplements: The all green natural food nutrient substance uses the power and enhances the help by naturally producing foods in the environment to help provide your body with essential proteins; vitamins; minerals and enzymes for hormonal impact of human body.

Thus such natural substances are called as Green food health supplements. If dietary intake by consuming food is insufficient then the food diet made of green natural substances can be taken with the help of supplements without a hitch at the first quarter. The super green food diets of the nature is helpful in maintaining and balancing the pH level inside the body and tries to energize and alkalize to nourish the cells of the human body.

The different names suggested as green substances are:
1.Barley: Barley is a form of grass that is included to define the green food supplement which is extremely helpful in cleansing and maintaining strong immune system of the body.

2.Alfalfa: It’s a mineral rich green leafy food consisting of vitamin C and A with other important factors such as: potassium; phosphorus; calcium; iron; thiamine; niacin and riboflavin etc.

3.Green Tea: The tea is an anti-oxidant to help control diabetes with natural herbal extract to suit the patient with no possible side-effects whatsoever.

4.Kelp: It is seaweed for green supplements. Under-active thyroid gland disorders are treated by such consumption of seaweed in large numbers.

5.Turmeric Roots: It helps in cleansing the blood and is used in many herbal medicines as anti-parasitic and anti-fungal.

6.Spirulina: The processing of Spirulina involves the stabilization of blood sugar levels.

7.Wheat grass: Absolutely unfavorable environment is created for bacteria and viruses under the usage of wheat grass as natural green food supplement.

8.Chlorophyll: The substance is found in the internal parts of the green plants and consisting of an aiding capacity to heal up the asthma; gastritis; unusual burns and cuts; liver disorders; eczema; bleeding of the gums; constipation and intestinal ulcers symptoms.

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