Friday, October 1, 2010

Zucchini Pasta Marinara

What' you'll need:
Food Processor (or blender)
Julienne Peeler(or knife)
Saladacco Spiral Slicer

This recent dish has been my favorite raw food meal lately. The great thing about this particular meal is that it's very quick. I know a lot of times when making our green smoothies, raw chocolate smoothies and other items; they can take a lot of time. This recipe does not require a dehydrator but it does require a Saladacco Spiral Slicer. Don't worry they are about $25 bucks and well worth it.

So many times, especially as we are transitioning to a raw food diet, we try to make our raw food dishes "appear like" and have the same texture as cooked food. Lately I've been shying away from that idea. Raw food is not cooked food. We're probably never going to have that warm soft bread again. We should stop trying to mimic that taste and texture. Now I'm not saying it's wrong or bad, it's just that we need to be happy about and get excited about what we are eating. It's different for sure, but it's not worse. You don't see any traditional cooked food chefs trying to get their food to resemble raw food do you? We're like the little brother copying what the big brother is wearing. We need to do our own thing and be happy with what we are eating and preparing.

So with all that being said. I wasn't planning on the taste or consistency be like traditional spaghetti at all. I was resigned to the fact that at least it looked like spaghetti or pasta and it smelled great. But when I actually ate it, it was the closest raw food meal I've had that actually comes close to the original. The raw desert which is the raw mint chocolate chip ice cream I've made before comes pretty close to real ice cream too.

I like to warm mine up in the dehydrator before eating it. Another tip you could do is run the noodles under hot water and put the marinara sauce into a bowl on the stove just to warm it up a tiny bit. Make sure you monitor this as you don't really want to be "cooking" your sauce and undoing all the work of keeping the enzymes in tact. Just heat it up a little bit for a few minutes. You also might want to take out a portion or bowl full of pasta in the morning and let it get back to room temperature before you heat it up and eat it.

For the Marinara Sauce: (Process in the food processor)
1 bell pepper
A handful of sun dried tomatoes (soaked 2 hours)
4 or 5 or tomatoes
1 clove garlic
Basil (chopped)
Oregano (chopped)
A dash of Salt
A dash of olive oil
Cayenne Pepper
Black Pepper
1/2 cup soaked almonds (I add these because I like the marinara sauce to be "meaty")

For the pasta noodles:
You'll need about 4 or 5 big straight zucchinis.
Peel off the sides with a Julienne Peeler.
Cut in half evenly.
Use your Saladacco Spiral Slicer and you're good to go!

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